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Howard Young started his research that led to Veggie Family USA, Inc. over 40 years ago. Through his vast study and personal experience, he has found no other method as effective for prevention, reversing chronic disease, and self healing. He traveled throughout Asia to share his knowledge and experience with the people in the East. Now his students carry on his work so that he can deliver his knowledge and experience to you here in the USA. 

His journey in research of health began over 40 years ago when he was diagnosed with Diabetes. 

He was tired all the time, overweight, and slowly started to lose his eyesight. His Doctor told him to take medicine for the rest of his life but when he took his medication, he felt worse. He couldn't stay focused and couldn't concentrate. The medication simply did not work for him so he stopped taking it. He tried so many different methods of treatment such as acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, vitamins, supplements, etc. For years he tried different methods and products but nothing worked and his Diabetes was getting worse.

At a crucial moment in his life, he remembered his father's and grandfather's method of self healing of Proper Elimination, Whole Grains, Raw Vegetables and Water. It was almost too simple to believe. Within 10 days of Elimination of Toxins and Proper Nutrition consisting of Plant Based Foods, he began to see and feel a difference. In less than 3 months, his Diabetes was under control. 

He was completely shocked. How can something so simple enable him to control all the symptoms of Diabetes? He then has been a advocate of Proper Elimination, Whole Grains, Raw Vegetables, Plant Based Foods and Water. What he learned in his 40 years of experience is the fact that our body has the power to heal and the ability to restore, rejuvenate, and reverse chronic disease. He shares his experience  and knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. Howard Young is now 83  years of age and continues to keep a rigorous schedule of research and study. 

Our main goal and mission is very simple. We want to educate and help anyone who is willing to learn, regain health and well being. 

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